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Our Ocean Conservation Commitment

we deeply value the pristine beauty of Corfu's waters and are wholeheartedly committed to their preservation. We understand that our oceans are vital to the balance of nature, and we take active steps to contribute to their well-being

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Working with 4oceans

We are proud to support 4oceans, a global movement dedicated to ocean cleanup and conservation. A portion of our proceeds goes directly towards funding their initiatives, ensuring that with every voyage you embark upon with us, you are also contributing to the ongoing efforts to keep our oceans clean and vibrant.

Monthly Community Clean-Up Initiatives

we believe in actively contributing to the preservation of Corfu's natural beauty. Beyond our oceans, we extend our care to the land, organizing monthly litter-picking events around the island. These community gatherings are a testament to our commitment to the environment, as we encourage locals and visitors alike to join us in our efforts to maintain the cleanliness and allure of Corfu

Image by Brian Yurasits
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